Saturday, 17 June 2017

Orroroo, S.A. to Broken Hill, N.S.W. : 325kms

Friday, 16th June.

It was 9 degrees and a little overcast when we left Orroroo this morning at 9.15a.m.  We stopped at Petersborough, 37 kms south east, with the intention of visiting the Rail Museum but when the cheery lady at the reception desk told us that the tour would take between an hour and an hour and a half, we agreed to push on and will most likely visit on the way home....not that we're in a great rush now but we will have more time to be tourists later.

At about 70kms north east of Petersborough, along the Barrier Highway (A32), we stopped at Yunta for fuel and again 9kms on for our morning 'smoko'.
From then on, except for the hills in the background, we could have been back on the Nullarbor with the scrubby bushes and just an occasional tree.  We stopped at Cockburn on the S.A./N.S.W. border, advanced our clocks half an hour, then discovered when reaching Broken Hill after another 50kms, that B.H. observes South Australian time so had to reverse them all!

We are now at the Broken Hill Racecourse, about 5kms out of town where parking for caravans is permitted for a fee and will stay here for two nights.  Tomorrow is to be a rest day from travelling so we'll drive into town where we hope to find wifi (there is none here, we suspect we're too far out), and whatever attractions the town has to offer. 

We're both looking forward to the day off, particularly my's been a looooooong drive and we're not there yet!

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