Monday, 29 June 2020


Friday, 26th June.
The rain bucketed down at 4am but only lasted for a short time, another light shower at about 8am and from then on we had sunshine.
After leaving Kalbarri, our first stop was at Galena Bridge.  We had thought of staying there overnight but as it was only 11am, decided it was too early to stop, so after a walk across the river and around the rest area, we pushed on.  

Just as we were about to leave, a German cyclist rode by with his dog trotting alongside.  He was very well set up, with a basket in the front which we assumed was reserved for the dog when he tired of walking.

The next rest area was at Nerren Nerren and as it was lunch time by then, we stopped, made sandwiches and sat eating them in the sunshine.  Because we'd been battling a head wind and we found it so relaxing at the rest area, we agreed that we should stay the night here so have spent an extremely pleasant afternoon reading and snoozing.

                              A self portrait?

A family with two caravans arrived late in the afternoon and has parked opposite us - a young couple with three children aged 9, almost 7 and 4, and with grandparents in the second caravan, are all travelling north for a few weeks' holiday.  The almost 7 year old is a bundle of energy and seems to be the ringleader of the trio, at least she has the loudest voice but all good kids and we've had some fun with them.

Saturday, 27th June.
Several overnighters arrived later in the afternoon yesterday and although there had been a lot of traffic noise during the day, once the sun had set and the stars came out, there was virtually none so a quiet night was had.
This morning, our 3 young friends appeared at our window, waving madly at us and pleading with us to come out and play.  We did so, but as they had a long journey ahead they left quite early.  We were among the last to leave, were travelling along quite nicely when after 15kms, the tyre monitor began to beep loudly.  Luckily, we were on a section of the road where we were able to pull over to check out the problem, which happened to be a leaky valve.  This required a wheel change, which took Mike very little time but the unloading and later reloading of the caravan boot and the car to retrieve and then return the spare wheel and the appropriate tools took much longer than the wheel change.  

That done, we headed down the road to the very busy Billabong Roadhouse where we refuelled for $1.10 per litre (the cheapest since Perth and probably cheaper than most in Perth!) and were informed that they couldn't fix the tyre with nowhere else to get it done until we reached Carnarvon. 
It was ridiculously busy there so we went on to the Overlander Roadhouse parking area to make and eat lunch, then drove to Wooramel Station via a scenic lookout along the road,

from where we could glimpse the ocean, and crossed the 26th parallel so are now officially in the North-West.  

We're currently camped by the dry, sandy Wooramel River for the night.  

Being further from the highway than we were last night, there is no traffic noise at all so another quiet night is expected.

Sunday, 28th June.
There was steady rain through the night but we woke this morning to a fine day. After our ablutions at the unique faclity

we emptied the toilet

Driving the 2kms off the highway yesterday to the station stay was along a corrugated, dusty road which this morning was damp, boggy in places with a few large puddles which we were able to bypass.  It was slow going until we reached the main road and were surprised to see so much water which had accumulated overnight so it's not surprising that the road is subject to flooding. In fact in one place  there was running water over the road which we hit just a bit too fast and covered the car in red muddy water.
We stopped briefly at a rest area to check that nothing had shaken loose on the bumpy road and continued on to Carnarvon, checked in to a caravan park, threw a load of washing into a washing machine, made and ate lunch, watched an NRL game on television (Mike) and read (me), and later did a drive through town, will stay a couple of days and will have the caravan tyre fixed before we leave.
It has been warm today with just a hint of a breeze, long may it continue!

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